Blog #9 – Instagram and Fashion

In this day and age, social media plays a huge role in our society. It is important to use social media platforms in a positive light while inspiring others along the way. That being said, social media platforms, such as Instagram, has inspired many fashion forward individuals to become more conscious of new trends based on the designers that they follow. Top designers take advantage of the social media platform to showcase their designs on either models or celebrities. As a result, much of their followers look up to their presentation and become more inspired to buy from their line.

Here are a few examples below:

Image result for instagram fashion postsImage result for insta fashion posts

Image result for insta fashion posts


Blog# 8 Free People Look Book

Free people isn’t only a fashion brand, but it is also a lifestyle brand. I find that Free People’s brand is constantly changing and evolving while embracing self confidence and self expression. I really enjoy the bohemian style of the brand as well as its strong spirited vibes. The carefree and laid back, in store experience draws the customers in as well as the trendy products. Here is a peek at the items within their recent look book.

#7 Trunk Shows (JLM Couture)

The JLM couture brand is known for their sophisticated and beautiful bridal and bridesmaids designs.  This can clearly be seen through their bridal trunk show. In showcasing a bridal trunk show, it is very important to set an exciting experience for soon to be brides. Brides already have so much to plan out, so making sure they get the perfect dress should be stress free. Trunk shows are an important part in showcasing the multiple designs and styles from a particular designer. I think trunk shows are great because they give brands and designers a chance to work with retailers while obtaining important feedback from customers. This feedback can help  designers/brands grow and better themselves even further.

Examples of a few designs below:

Good morning gorgeousness! #weddingwednesday #timeless #IWoreAlvinaValenta  @kleinfeldbridal @dyannajoyphotography #KleinfeldBride #beautifulbride #theknot @gaylordnational florals by @lovebloomsdc  #kleinfeld #weddingday #bridalgown #bridestyle #wednesdaygorgeousness #style9307 #beautifuleverythingIn harmony with nature 🍃🌾 @tiadorabridal #style7553 #tiadorabyalvinavalenta #tiadora #jlmcouture #throwback #tbt #jlmfavorites #bohogir #bohowedding

Blog #6 – Georges Chakra- Haute Couture S/S ‘2017

I found many of the designs in Georges Chakra’s show very beautiful.  I always love watching shows that involve a lot of dresses because of the way they flow across the runway. The lighting hit the dresses perfectly, and I think the music and setting complimented the show very well. Each of the dresses were so unique and I found the details mesmerizing to look at. I think this show exemplifies the wide variety of dress designs and can serve as inspiration for future collections and fashion trends.


Blog #5 – Retail Windows in NYC

I went to visit Herald Square to take a look at a few of the store fronts and discovered some very nice displays. Store window displays are very important in presenting the latest trends, colors, and styles to the public. They are one of the key elements in attracting your customers, (target market), to your stores. The retail windows I took a peak at included H&M, Old Navy, and Macy’s. Here are the pictures I took below.

(Below) H&M Display window

I liked the windows at H&M herald square because it displayed the latest trendy styles. I really like the edginess as well as the colors and shades within each outfit.



Below (Old Navy Display Window)

Old Navy’s  window displayed an appeal to their target market. They represent comfort, basic styles, colors, and design. I like how clean and simple the display was. It fit the context of the store.


(Macy’s Display Windows Below)

The Macy’s  window had a beautiful display. I liked how it showed off  peachy/pink colors as well as floral patterns because it reminded me of spring.


Neutral colors were shown as well












Blog #4- Lady Gaga’s Halftime Appearance

Lady Gaga is an amazing performer with great energy, a beautiful voice, and a unique sense of style. She possess strong confidence while she wears her striking outfits that always seem to turn heads.

During the Superbowl Halftime, Lady Gaga performed while wearing a dazzling Versace outfit. Her appearance sparked the crowd while she made yet another fashion statement.

(Lady Gaga, in Versace, Sends a Sparkly Super Bowl Message – The New York Times)


Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

#3 Fashion Trend from the streets

Pattern Pants and Vinyl Jackets

Throughout the streets, I have seen more and more appearances of patterned garments. I find that patterned garments paired with solid garments compliment each other very nicely. Depending on the garment and it’s pattern, you can find many ways to create any style of your own.

Below my friend paired her patterned pants with her vinyl maroon jacket. I’ve noticed that vinyl jackets are becoming more trendy in the streets and in the forecast, ( according to the Doneger website).  Both pieces work well with her stylish shoe choice.


img_1214          img_1212


fullsizerender-9AMI Paris Menswear Spring Summer 2017 June 2016vinyl2

Below, to the left is a forecasted pattern I found on the Doneger website and to the right is a closer view of the pattern found on my friend’s pant leg.

#2 – Key Fashion Item for S/S ’18

Fashion is constantly evolving into new trends. Being able to forecast these upcoming trends involves the process of analyzing the current fashion of present day. Each season brings new innovations to the fashion world as well as designs that may intrigue the eye. According to the Doneger forecasting website , designs such as the sheered overtop, is predicted to become a trend for the Spring 2018 season.

Visually, it seems that this season will have a lot to offer when it comes to color. The soft pastels give off a springy vibe as the sheer silhouette compliments the fabric beneath. It will be interesting to see how this key item may make its debut throughout society.

Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl)

I recently discovered Nicole Warne’s blog content and I find it. She has modeled for various magazines as well as build her business in the fashion industry. She is known as Gary Pepper Girl by her large social following on her blog. Nicole launched her blog in 2009 and ever since then she has been very successful with her content. I found her fashion sense very beautiful and graceful. Her style is very high end as well as the content she expresses to the public. I also find that she has such a sharp focus for high quality content and beautiful detail. Her passion for philanthropy is inspiring as well as the multiple roles she has held in the fashion field.

Nicole Warne’s blog :