Happy New Year

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Hi there

How are you ? ….I hope you are well….. You deserve to be.

Look in the mirror…… Tell me what you see.

Look closer…. how do you feel?

……Take a deep breath and smile. You made it. You did it and I’m proud of you.

Life right? Ain’t it something? Constantly throwing you something new everyday. Curve balls coming around the corner in every direction. Constant events that have you on your toes. Or maybe life is more consistent. Maybe its the same thing, different day type of thing. Maybe it’s a stepping stone of climbing a systematic journey. Either way, it’s yours. It’s your journey and I’m proud of you for making it to a new year.

Maybe you are reading this because you stumbled over this, maybe you just needed a little inspiration. Either way, the one thing that I hope you get out of this is positivity. Have faith in yourself and the belief that you are worth it to have the best year of your life. We hear it every year, “New Year, New Me”, “New Year, New start”. Yes, these cliché phrases can constantly become redundant, especially if we don’t put the actions behind our words. So let’s stop that. Less talking, more movement.

Let your greatest fears begin. Let your  “what if’s”, “buts” and “maybe’s” become a work of art. But, please do so without forcing yourself to reach impossible goals that may discourage you in the end.  Begin  your actions with the highest likelihood possible.

“How?” You may ask. By living.  “Actions speak louder than words”. This is yet, another cliché phrase but it is true. Set your mind with the warmest thoughts and the greatest that you will mold yourself into who you always wanted to be every new year. Only this new year, who you wanted to be will become reality  because YOU said so.

Wake up and think about every single thing you have to be thankful for. Make those mistakes and learn from them. Be who your are unapotigetically, love and give to others, be kind, surround yourself with positive people, and speak your dreams into existence.

Please don’t forget to enjoy every step of the process because many goals don’t bloom overnight. Most importantly, believe it will happen because it will. Everything will fall into place I promise.

No, it isn’t easy but if it was, it wouldn’t make you stronger.

Love yourself enough to learn who you really are and put yourself first. Take your time and think before you act. Yes, it is okay to have bad days but never let them discourage you from pushing yourself into the beautiful soul you have wrapped up inside of you.

If no one is out there to believe in your spirit this year. Just no that I am. I am proud of you for making it thus far. I wish you well.

Happy New Year