Blog #5 – Retail Windows in NYC

I went to visit Herald Square to take a look at a few of the store fronts and discovered some very nice displays. Store window displays are very important in presenting the latest trends, colors, and styles to the public. They are one of the key elements in attracting your customers, (target market), to your stores. The retail windows I took a peak at included H&M, Old Navy, and Macy’s. Here are the pictures I took below.

(Below) H&M Display window

I liked the windows at H&M herald square because it displayed the latest trendy styles. I really like the edginess as well as the colors and shades within each outfit.



Below (Old Navy Display Window)

Old Navy’s  window displayed an appeal to their target market. They represent comfort, basic styles, colors, and design. I like how clean and simple the display was. It fit the context of the store.


(Macy’s Display Windows Below)

The Macy’s  window had a beautiful display. I liked how it showed off  peachy/pink colors as well as floral patterns because it reminded me of spring.


Neutral colors were shown as well













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