Aleali May

Over a year or so ago, I noticed Aleali May’s fashion blog. I was attracted to her amazing style and presence within each photo. I love the way she models her high end street wear and sports wear so graciously in each shot. She has such an edgy and strong sense of style that would make anyone stop and stare. After doing research, I discovered that she is both a stylist and a fashion blogger. She has styled people such as Kendrick Lamar and many other celebrities along her path. I thought that this was very impressive being that she is so young. Overall, she seems very ambitious with a beautiful demeanor which is why I love following her blog.

Aleali May’s blog :


Claire Sulmers

Claire Sulmers has such a diverse sense of style and striking self confidence. She is the founder of the Fashion Bomb blog which is where I first found out about her content. Her blog is filled with not only fashion, but beauty tips and the latest fashion news. On her blog, she consistently posts about celebrity trends and new styles. I find her background in fashion very impressive and it is clear that she is very passionate about what she does. She is such a style icon with a very sharp taste and an amazing eye for fashion. She also seems to have an amazing personality which clearly shows through each blog she posts. Her strong position in the fashion industry gives her a consistently busy lifestyle, yet she still maintains a stylish and beautiful appearance.

link to Claire Sulmer’s blog :